that is so sad ... hm now i know btw thanks for the story. im very appreciate it. hm stay strong block b! and i fucking love your blog :)

glad i could help !!

idk what all the block b fans be like "stay strong block b" why them say like that? did block b have any trouble or what? ( new here , new here. ) can you story it for me?

theyve had some issues since predebut but the two biggest problems that have come up were the thailand controversy and the lawsuit with their company 

as far as the thailand incident goes they had been doing an interview and jiho said something that unintentionally ended up hurting/offending a lot of people (translation of the interview here). this led to a lot of backfire including death threats towards the boys, people calling for them to kill themselves, a whole lotta shit unfortunately. they formally apologized for the incident and were on hiatus for several months before they came back with nillili mambo

more recently (a little after nillili mambo promotions started winding down) the seven of them filed a lawsuit against their former company which they eventually lost. they cut ties with their company (somewhat summarized here) and then were back on hiatus until very good promotions

there’s a lot of other things but its all stuff that unfortunately many groups go through 

block b just have 2 album right? ok i new ._.

they have just 1 full length album which is blockbuster (the one w/ nillili mambo as the title track) and 3 mini albums (new kids on the block, welcome to the block, and very good) and 1 single album (do you wanna b) 

but why you don't look for another admin? there are good gif makers that can help with your blog... i am sure everyone is gonna miss your gifs

if somebody wants to take over entirely i’d be willing to talk about that !!! i just really dont enjoy making b&w gifs tbh and i dont want people to keep following me if everything is really sub par as it has been lately ;__; 

i’ll definitely still be posting gifs and supporting bb it just wont be through this blog 

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be strong lil nerd 

i’m sure a lot of you saw this coming especially if we’re friends/follow each other on twitter but i’m done updating this blog

i won’t delete it for archival purposes and i’ll leave the askbox open if you want to ask specific questions (gif help, mixtapes, information on the boys idk) because i know ive been a source of information for some of you and i dont mind that but yeeaah no new gifs probably ever sorry

and thank u all for making this blog fun uvvu

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ur not gnna think im cute when im kickin ur ass ur kwon im the bald guy lets go 

freakenne!! but im a biiiit sad there wasnt much bbom or jaehyo and the ending?!?!?!? i THINK ZICO TWEETED 'MOViE' O R SOMETHING?? SO MAYBE THERE WILL BE ANOTHER MV?? I HOPE BECASE JUST WTF IS THAT ENDING

yeah there was like 2 seconds of hyo i was makin fun of him o man but minhyukie looks super good !!!! 

and yeah i think theres supposed 2 be another mv for ‘very good’ seeing as it also has an instrumental maybe thats their main track yeah yeah yeah